Understand what a Homewin is and How to play

            Every single Nigerian is given the same opportunity to revise their story and transform their lives for an amazing future with just play home win. One fortunate Nigerian will win the grand prize of a fully furnished apartment worth more than N50million naira.  Over 65 people will win amazing cash prizes and awesome gifts daily. For those interested to know about Homewin, below are some details to help you understand what it is all about. 

Know what is Homewin all about

            HomeWin is known as Nigeria’s largest and biggest promo ever. It is the mother of almost all promos. With an utmost grand prize of a fully equipped luxury apartment. Not only that, other prizes to be won include a hundred thousand nairas for 50 people. Also, 2 brand new cars, 100 smartphones, 50 tabletop gas cookers, 50 microwaves, and 50 smart television sets. There are more prizes Homewin can give you.

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Check out how to play Homewin

            You can play HomeWin on their HomeWin Mobile App, on their official website, USSD, code, or even through their countless HomeWin agents across the country. You can also earn on the platform using your referral link. You get a commission for every referral every time that someone registers on the platform using your link. To start earning and participating on this platform, you need to be a registered member on the platform.

Once you register on the platform, you will get access to winning by joining the game. You can take part in the game via their mobile app, and website. Also, through an agent, USSD code, and stand a chance of winning more than 11 thousand prizes in 100 days. 

Steps to play in a website:

  • Step 1- if you’re on the website, look and hit the “Play Now” button
  • Step 2- provide your number in the allotted space
  • Step 3- Choose the payment option you preferred and check out
  • Step 4- a ticket number will be sent to you via SMS

Know what is Homewin all about

Steps to play using HomeWin app:

  • Step 1- Download the Homewin app on ios or android
  • Step 2- access the app and hit the “play now” button
  • Step 3-enter your phone number and the amount you want to play
  • Step 4- Choose your desired mode of payment and follow the instructions until you get your ticket number

Steps to play through an Agent: 

  • Step 1- visit the nearest Homewin agents to your place
  • Step 2-give out your phone number and the amount you want to play with
  • Step 3-agent carries out the plays and you get a confirmation notification via SMS
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